1. lewdness, lechery, lecherousness, lubricity, goatishness, ruttishness; lust, lustfulness, concupiscence, prurience, pruriency, libidinousness, salacity, salaciousness; carnality, carnalness, car-nalism, sensuality, voluptuousness, promiscuity, eroticism, erotism; immodesty, impudicity, impurity, unchasteness, unchastity, unvirtuousness.
2. debauchery, dissoluteness, rakishness, dissipation, profligacy; licentiousness, wantonness, unrestraint, abandon, incontinence, self-indulgence; aphrodisia, sexual desire or passion, Pathol. satyriasis, Pathol. nymphomania; unnatural desire, perversion, incest, incestuousness, pederasty, sodomy, buggery, sadism, masochism; Psychiatry. coprophilia.
3. obscenity, obsceneness, luridness; pornography, Inf. porno, Inf. porn, smut, smuttiness; bawdiness, bawdry, scurrility, ribaldry; vulgarity, vulgarism, vul-garness, coarseness, crudity, crudeness.

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